Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dunlop Fuzzface - Joe Bonamassa edition

Here we have a new "old" product. The ascetics are very pleasing and the tone is good. I like the unit but we need to realize that it is a signature reissue and therefore there are design constraints. The functional parameters of this unit are simple, volume and fuzz. Simply stated it works best when you over drive your amp and use the fuzz like an auto uses a nitrous oxide boost.

The design constraints are narrow as Dunlop tries to remain true to the original shape and size of this product. This is the part where I find personal conflict because I love the polished copper finish and the original look but it's a space sucker and has too big of a footprint to fit my over crowded pedal board. To use this I must decide what other pedal I'd like to remove to make space accommodations. lastly, it runs on a 9 volt battery and there isn't an AC option! Ouch!!

It doesn't take a brain surgeon to realize that this is a simple design that is well put together with great pots, switches and components. However, if you view the video you can see that the inside of the Fuzz face compartment doesn't utilize all the available space and a little over built. So there you have it - a conflicted opinion! If you have the space and you want the classic sound or if you are a Joe Bonamassa fan (who isn't?) then this pedal might be for you.

I love the circuit But this device needs the following features to be on my board:
  1. AC circuit ability.
  2. Smaller foot print to fit smaller space requirements.
  3. Lower price.
  4. A different model with all this stuff is what I want!?
Yeah, I am a pain - LOL

If you are a collector and have a ton of space - Buy it!

Currently, it seems that only PROGUITAR Shop has this product. This is the link!

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