Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tone Monster - Collings CL Custom Deluxe

You are a rocker that has saved his money but due to space and budget constraints, can only purchase one guitar to last you until you retire, which guitar would you buy?

How about a Collings CL Custom Deluxe?

Dealers link here

This quilted maple top is gorgeous and the simplicity of the design meets the functional requirements of a serious guitarist and design parameter assure that it is a TONE MONSTER.

One pickup - one volume - one tone - one guitar.

Owning one guitar [as if that can be accomplished] will require less storage space thus insuring harmonic domestic cohabitation.

Keep a towel nearby and try not to drool too much!

If you want one of these guitars - which you should! Click on the link below

You can find further information about instruments like this at

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