Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Collings I35 Carmel - Perfection

The Collings plays better than it looks. I really want to love Gibson guitars and at a time they set the bar for all others to climb above but the quality of the work from Gibson simply undermines the product value. I can pay $3200.00 USA for a lovely Gibson Es 335 or I can buy a Collings for $800 dollars more and get the guitar in the following pictures. The Fret work on the Collings is top notch work and the finish is almost without equal. Or I can buy a Gibson Es335 which is a fine instrument but my dollar buys me more with the Collings.

Hard to argue with the photographic evidence. This is a Gibson Es 335 1959 reissue replica.

.... And there is the photo's taken by Collings of their curly caramel I35 for comparison.

Where would you place your money. Something is wrong at Gibson - one side of the arguement is linked here but keep in mind that there are always other perspectives!

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