Thursday, June 2, 2011

Quick tip about re-stringing a guitar that will save you time!

Old Strings

Making simple written reminders can save you a lot of heartache. Knowing the differences between your old string set and new will help you sort out the affects of a string change.

Each time I restring a guitar for myself, or for a customer, I write the date of the change, and any pertinent information on the string package with a Sharpe pen. The information is immeasurable because the label will contain the string gauge and brand along with the date I've recorded on the packaging. If you change strings and use a different gauge, there will be some dramatic changes to your instruments performance. The intonation will change, a tremolo will require adjustment, string height and also pickup height.

Recording this data is a great aid for me, because there are times when I grab a guitar and I have no reference as to when I last played this instrument or changed the strings. I could measure the gauge but if the caliper is not handy the notes will save you time. If you own more than one instrument you will understand how quickly we forget what gauge and how old our strings are now. Furthermore, I can observe that the strings are oxidized and I can sense the dead tone.

This is a simple tip and it works!

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