Sunday, January 1, 2012

Guthrie Govan's Gear Stolen in Rome

Main Stage at the NEC Birmingham November 2006

Guthrie Govan reported on his Myspace Page that the van in which his equipment was being transported was breached in Rome, on December 17th. Amoung the items stolen were various instruments, amps, pedals and film footage from previous shows. So far, the Italian police haven't been able to develop and leads.

Humans should lead lives based on trust and humility but that is rarely how the world works. Anyone with any information leading to the recovery of some or all of this gear will be rewarded $1500. If you have information regarding this burglary; Please write to... 
List of the stolen gear is as follows:

1989 Warwick Streamer bass, natural finish.

(Distinguishing features: smaller replacement Schaller tuners; screw for lower strap button replaced with a Philips style screw; thumb-sized indentation above the "P-Bass" pickup; long dark stripe/imperfection in the wood on the back of the bass, above the through-neck; small knot in the wood near the top of the inside upper horn...)

SWR SM900 head, serial # 4400106010

Boss OC-2 octave pedal, Boss TU-2 tuner, Boss power supply, various cables.


1x left-handed Drum Workshop DW 5000 double kick drum pedal.


2x Brunetti Mercury heads, serial numbers ME10550 and ME10650 (in flight cases);
2x Brunetti 4x12 cabinets (in flight cases).

DK's pedals:
Boss TU-2 tuner;

GG's pedals:
(mounted in a distinctively crappy-looking "tea tray" pedalboard):


1x unique bag with the emblem "Roger Waters - The Wall";
Various camcorder tapes containing yet-to-be-edited footage from a professionally filmed 3-camera shoot - for what was intended to be a live DVD of a gig we played at Lapsus, Torino :-(

Well... profuse thanks in advance to anyone who might be able to help us out with any of this!


GG (and the band)

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