Thursday, December 29, 2011

Jimmy Page's and Led Zeppelin Guitars

There is no denying that Jimmy Page is a Rock and Roll Titan

Jimmy's image conjurers a very iconic guitar - The Gibson Les Paul!
Few people ever write a hit song - Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin famously released albums instead of singles! They have sold more than 300 million albums world wide. Considering that an average album weighs 145 grams - They have sold a lot of vinyl! Led Zeppelin still is a mega band even though they aren't on tour - yet!

Rarely has Jimmy's image been rightfully associated with a Fender Telecaster - Do your homeword! Jimmy often used a Telecaster in Led Zeppelin studio recordings.

This is a small sample of Jimmy's quiver used at the 1977 Oakland Colosseum concert.

This is the type of fret work Gibson should employ on all of their Les Paul's in my opinion!

This is an example of Jimmy's Gibson reissue Les Paul #2

Gibson Les Paul #2

Jimmy in action - !


Anonymous said...


Ste Gough said...

I saw them at the O2, it was incredible!

After watching it again (Celebration day) my need for a number 1 replica is at an all time high, along with the want to build a dragon tele!

Scott said...

O2 must have been simply amazing! I've got to get my hands on a vintage SOLA Tone bender! Also, that O2 DVD and audio - got to have it! Dragon Tele is also on my list. You can find nice bodies and necks at various links on my site. Cheers!

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