Sunday, April 14, 2013

Fano Guitars

I've had the opportunity to wrap my hands around a few Fano guitars recently. Nice units that remind of some of Fender's pawn shop guitars but only if the pawn shop guitars were built in the custom shop with the best parts! The design is great, some are knock off of guitars we already know but with a Fano spin on the manufacturing process while other designs seems like they weren't designed but rather they are inevitable. To me that speaks volumes on the ergonomics, appearance and tone of the instrument. Still, the worst part is deciding which one is for you! I especially like the distressed appearance because too many wannabe guitarists spend countless hours drooling over the finish of an instrument that might just well play like crap. Those with poncy propensities will certainly be dismayed by the Fano. Good, no time for limey posers.

Check these out. Shut up and play your guitar..............

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