Sunday, April 14, 2013

More Love for Levon - It's been a year..........

I have got to see this movie when it comes out. The movie will premier on the anniversary of Levon's passing - April 18, 2012 at Cinema Village in NYC. Be prepared when you see "I ain't in it for my health," because you will laugh and you will cry.

Levon's list of achievements and life story is vast. Besides being a musician, Levon filmography included at least 16 movies. The void left and the vortex of his passing shook the music community to the core and only time will heal the remnants of our broken hearts.

Please run the rabbit holes and check out Levon. What? Not your cup of tea? So what? One day your butt will be planted in soil so STFU and learn something! Now check this stuff out but don't forget to play your favorite instrument with your friends and play every note like it's your last because someday it will be your last!

Levon Helm's site link

Link to Levon Helm and the dirt farmers CD

Electric Dirt Farmer CD!

And finally, a very nice interview from PBS:

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