Friday, August 30, 2013

What CD's I am learning from? Top 10

Honestly, there are so many great musician's past and present that I will not be able to listen to them all within the duration of my life. This is why people make lists, so as to save other people the trouble and time or sometimes to espouse their own ego's and hypothetical supreme musical taste.

  1. Hank Williams - The guy wrote some apple pie songs.
  2. Gov't Mule - Simply a great band.
  3. Grateful Dead - The best music marketeers in the business. Took me a long time to "get" their music.
  4. George Harrison - All things must pass. Great album - Essentially the musicians are Derek and the Domino's
  5. Derek and the Domino's  - Naturally I'm digging into the past.
  6. North Mississippi Allstars - New old sound with great musicians.
  7. Levon Helm - Why? Great drummer and even better singer in that you believe what he sings to be sincere!
  8. The New Kentucky Colonels - Ever hear of Clarence White? Learn about him and you'll understand why I am listing.
  9. Charlie (Bird) Parker - My favorite if I had to pick only one, Bird would probably be the one.
  10. The Allman brothers band - Could be called the All Star band because no matter who was in the band, you know that they are great a capable of doing solo material.
I am all over the map. I don't have time to piss and moan who is the best because in music the best doesn't exist. If you are open and listen to it all, the good in all the music you listen to is more likely to rub off on ya!

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