Sunday, February 2, 2014

Gibson releases Government Series

Gibson finally got it's wood. The bottom line is that Gibson did something illegal and that fact is public knowledge. Ultimately Gibson paid a $300,000 settlement. Innocent or not, you be the judge. Their story was that they were unfairly targeted by a hostile anti business oriented government. This recent raid wasn't the first, the first raid was in November of 2009.

So, in a sort of thumb their nose move; Gibson has released a Government series of guitars. The idea proved to be successful, I doubt you can find one of these instruments at any shop currently and the asking price will probably be greater than most can afford, especially since the primary caveat is that the fingerboard is made with recovered rosewood that was seized by but later returned by Federal Customs agents. Nevertheless, it's a part of history and some people will covet these instruments.

Personally, I'd like to see the Gibson Les Paul Custom fret board to be made of Ebony. Now the finger board is made of Richlite which I  do not prefer (you might like it - test and determine!). Some Gibson Les Paul standard fingerboards are torrified maple. Custom Specification link. Try out the guitars before and judge for yourself. We have to be responsible when harvesting wood. Rare wood will drive up the cost. So beware, gone are the days of rosewood and ebony at reasonable prices.

I am glad Gibson is moving past this hiccup in otherwise a hallmark trade name that has been one of the most enduring trademarks since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.

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