Thursday, October 29, 2009

Acoustic Guitar - String ends chewin up your wood?

Horror of horrors! Imagine your favorite Acoustic guitar with a failing top! If you own an acoustic guitar then you should know or will know soon that they are temperamental as a weasel in a blender. Humidity, heat, food, drink, children, friends will all conspire to ruin your baby. If that ain't enough, your strings will attack the underside of the guitar top. The ball ends of the string will wear against the wood and your top, lord forbid, could look like this picture below. Granted, this is a top view but you can imagine what the bottom side might look like as well. A torn up bottom can lead to problems with the top as well. Given the humidity, temperature and unknown problems - Your guitar could look like this! Gawd say it ain't so!!!
Therefore, I propose a solution if you wish to avoid this problem. Now, this proposal is not without strings as usual. The suggested preventive measures could color your tone in a manner that you find to be too obtrusive. Hello Platemate! The Plate Mate guards against the eventual wear of ball-end strings on the bridge plate holes beneath the soundboard. It helps prevent costly bridge plate replacement. This simple .032" brass plate is held in place by the strings and the supplied adhesive backing. Players have also noted enhanced tone and improved tuning stability after installation. See the example of a PLATEMATE.
For under $25.00 you can save yourself some issues down the road and depending on your ear, maybe improve your tone along with the added protection. See your local luthier and ask them to install the Platemate from Stewart MacDonald.

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