Monday, October 26, 2009

Fender Duo Sonic - Vintage Guitar warning

The Fender Duo Sonic II

This is a nice little student guitar. What I mean by little is that the neck had an option at purchase where you could designate a 22.5" inch scale (mighty short) or a 24" inch scale (still very short). There is some cool engineering going on with this guitar in that you can utilize both pickup simultaneously and doing so will help eliminate 60 cycle hum like humbucking pickups. Other features are a soft "V" back contoured neck, 7.25" inch radius finger board and light weight. The sound is somewhat reminiscent of it's brethren Stratocaster and Telecaster guitars certainly not as much twang. String bending is easy with either scale but most certainly one would be able to bend strings like mad on the 22.5" scale guitar due to the lack of string tension. If you have small hands and not too much money - This might be the guitar for you!

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