Thursday, October 22, 2009

Guitarist of the Week - Laura Chavez 10-22-09

Laura Chavez

I live on the peninsula in the S.F. bay area. Talent has been burgeoning in this region for years. The economic slide of recent has forced many people to re-evaluate their status, future and job outlook. During these days of introspection one might find themselves looking for an outlet or place to hang whilst pondering life. Being one of these wayward individuals I found myself looking for a little R &R while listening to Lara Price

at the British Bankers Club. Lara is great and I hit her web site and I found a diamond in the rough. Lara's former guitarist is Laura Chavez who now plays for Candye Kane. Laura plays with panache and she just rocks it. People say you have to have the blues in order to play them. Dunno but Laura has the touch and if you have a chance to see her play with Candye Kane or with any body for that matter - Do so. She's special.

Check out this video and you'll see what I mean! Kudo's to Candye and the rest of the band!!!

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