Thursday, December 29, 2011

Jimmy Page's and Led Zeppelin Guitars

There is no denying that Jimmy Page is a Rock and Roll Titan

Jimmy's image conjurers a very iconic guitar - The Gibson Les Paul!
Few people ever write a hit song - Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin famously released albums instead of singles! They have sold more than 300 million albums world wide. Considering that an average album weighs 145 grams - They have sold a lot of vinyl! Led Zeppelin still is a mega band even though they aren't on tour - yet!

Rarely has Jimmy's image been rightfully associated with a Fender Telecaster - Do your homeword! Jimmy often used a Telecaster in Led Zeppelin studio recordings.

This is a small sample of Jimmy's quiver used at the 1977 Oakland Colosseum concert.

This is the type of fret work Gibson should employ on all of their Les Paul's in my opinion!

This is an example of Jimmy's Gibson reissue Les Paul #2

Gibson Les Paul #2

Jimmy in action - !

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Van Halen Family to reunite for 2012 Tour with David Lee Roth

The Van Halen Family will be back on tour once again featuring David Lee Roth as the frontman for the group.
Tickets will go on sale on January 10, 2012. "Like" Van Halen on Facebook here and get all the details as they become available.
I wonder if the hasty details are coming about as Europe's debit crisis has made long term prospects of business far more risky and a less profitable venture to those who are getting crash courses in global economies? European bands are also finding difficult to be paid in the USA due to the fluctuation of the dollar. Essentially, bands must go to the markets that can support their fee's in order to make a profit. So the global economy could be the catalyst foisting this tour to fruition. Especially as we see the market in Europe darkening.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Ed Roman Luthier and Entrepreneur - Ed Romans Guitars Las Vegas - RIP

Ed Roman has passed away! If you have ever been looking for excellent guitars then most likely you have visited his web site or his showroom in Las Vegas. Many great guitarists have bought guitars from Ed or at least popped into his shop to see what Ed had on hand. Ed's passing was a bit premature as he was only in his early 60's.
For the guitarist, going to Las Vegas and not stopping by Ed's would be an unthinkable oversight. Ed Roman was outspoken but at the very least had the courage of his conviction to his opinion. I loved reading Ed's Rants. 
The Rants were justification alone to visit the site. Here are a couple of links to my favorite rants. The Gibson Les Paul neck fracture rant which is hard to fault and you can tell that Ed was passionate about the problem. Got to read the PRS FAQ here! Finally, the over-priced guitar rant. Agree or disagree, Ed had an opinion and he had the courage to stand up for his convictions. There are not too many guitar website that contain enough content to keep you clicking for hours, Ed Roman Guitars site is hot!

There were a lot of stars that purchased guitars from Ed. Ted Nugent had a custom guitar that housed a Derringer pistol in the back of the guitar. The Rev. Billy F. Gibbons, Keith Urban, Rick Derringer and others. Click here for a list of endorser's. Many people loved the QuickSilver guitar which is direct competition for many guitars including PRS.

I personally never bought a guitar from Ed's but I almost did so as they sell Baker guitars. The sale never came to fruition but nevertheless, I enjoy the Ed Roman site and I am sure that it will be there for all of us to use, refer, and enjoy for years to come.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Rodrigo Y Gabriela and C.U.B.A. - AREA 52

 ATO Records is excited to offer the first song from the soon-to-be released Area 52 from Rodrigo y Gabriela. The song is called "Juan Loco," and is available for download on SoundCloudRodrigo y Gabriela - Juan Loco (feat. CUBA) by ATO Records
"Juan Loco" is a compelling and powerful representation of the unique hybrid of metal, latin, and jazz that is the unmistakable signature of Rodrigo Sanchez and Gabriela Quintero. For Area 52, the duo took their sound a step further into the unknown -- "Juan Loco" now boasts a 13-piece Cuban Orchestra and brilliant bass by Carles Benavent, who has played with the likes of Paco De Lucia, Chick Corea and Miles Davis.

About the track, Rodrigo says, "For 'Juan Loco,' we decided to get Carles Benavent to play the bass as well as he did on 11:11 because it felt like he could just change the rhythm in terms of the bass line, in terms of making it a little bit less latin and more kind of his way - you know, which could be jazzy, could be more flamenco based style or whatever. And it goes well with the guitars because it's a very hyper-active track in terms of playability and he suits perfectly for these kinds of tracks."

Area 52 was produced by the legendary Peter Asher and will come out on January 24, 2012. The record contains nine of Rod and Gab's favorite songs from their own catalogue re-arranged and re-configured for a 13-piece Cuban orchestra comprised of some of Havana's finest young players, collectively known as C.U.B.A. It's Rodrigo y Gabriela's first recorded collaboration with another group of musicians.

Area 52 was mixed by Rafa Sardina, one of the leading studio musicians in the Latin music world, and arranged by London-based pianist, composer and arranger Alex Wilson. Recording took place in the Miramar district of Havana, Cuba, at Abdala Studios, founded by the Cuban folk hero Silvio Rodriguez, as well as at Rod and Gab's studio in Ixtapa, Mexico. Other players on the record include: drummer John Tempesta (The Cult, Testament, White Zombie), sitarist Anoushka Shankar, and drummer Samuel Formell (Los Van Van). 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

RIP Hubert Sumlin - Very sad!

We have lost a Blues Legend!
The sound behind Howlin Wolf has passed away! Without Hubert Sumlin there wouldn't be:
Eric Clapton
Jimmy Page
Jeff Beck
Keith Richards
Michael Bloomfield
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Jimmy Vaughan and many more including you!
No words can adequately express the profound loss!
Some songs that he put the tracks on: Smokestack Lightning, Spoonful, and Killing Floor. Just those two are monumental. Then there is the rest of his catalog which is equally great and relevant. Mr. Sumlin never won a Grammy - That alone should disqualify a lot of people who have because skipping Hubert is sacrilegious.

Hubert was lovable and honest. We don't see many people like him anymore much less have someone who can tell us stories about getting knocked out by Howlin Wolf.
In memory of Hubert Sumlin 1931 to 2011.
I love the story about drinking coffee!

Lesson's from Hubert where worth their price in gold!

I always enjoyed Hubert's stories. He was one of the last connections to the past.

At this time I don't have enough time to devote to a proper tribute but when I do - I'll update my page but here is a link to the New York Times article.

RIP Hubert Sumlin! You will be missed!

Thank you Hubert for being you!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Brian Setzer plays Mystery Train

Brian Setzer Rocks!

Links to Brian Setzer's webpage here!

Danny Gatton Lesson

If you don't know about Danny Gatton - You should! Players like Joe Bonamassa will be the first to tell you that Danny Gatton was a monster talent. Go to the Danny Gatton website by clicking here! Fender makes a special Danny Gatton Telecaster which you can see by clicking here.
Check out Danny and his technique because doing so will make you a better player!

Super fun!
Check out Danny's gear here!

100 Greatest Country Music Guitarists

Certainly only a list. These lists are more for reference than competition or hierarchy. At this time about half of the players listed have links that will further inform you as to their respective talent. I urge you to further investigate these players.

I had to revise my list because Mr. Sugiyama (Country music Sensei) pointed out that I failed to list Buck Owens! Be mistake - ! Bakersfield sound is the real deal!

  1.    Chet Atkins  
  2.    Merle Travis
  3.    Joe Maphis
  4.    Roy Clark
  5.   Buck Owens
  6.    Speedy West
  7.    Albert Lee
  8.    Maybelle Carter
  9.    Buddy Emmons
  10.    Noel Boggs
  11.   Jerry Byrd
  12.   Tony Rice
  13.  Doc Watson
  14.  Norman Blake
  15.  Ricky Skaggs
  16.  Danny Gatton
  17.  Ray Flacke
  18.  Red Rhodes
  19.  Lester Flatt
  20.  Hank Garland
  21.  Leon McAuliffe
  22.  Roy Nichols
  23.  Clarence White
  24.  Doyle Dykes
  25.  Charlie McCoy
  26.  Jimmy Bryant
  27.  Paul Franklin
  28.  Little Roy Wiggins
  29.  Joaquin Murphy
  30.  Pete Drake
  31.  Jerry Reed
  32.  Curly Chalker
  33.  Grady Martin
  34.  Jerry Douglas
  35.  Junior Brown
  36.  Sonny Garish
  37.  Billy Grammer
  38.  Dan Dugmore
  39.  Charles Sawtelle
  40.  Lee Roy Parnell
  41.  John Jorgensen
  42.  Sam McGee
  43.  Carl Perkins
  44.  Eddie Alkire
  45.  James Burton
  46.  Vince Gill
  47.  Keith Urban
  48.  David Grier
  49.  Glenn Campbell
  50.  Scotty Moore
  51.  Brad Paisley
  52.  Johnny Hiland
  53.  Jimmy Day
  54.  Jerry Donahue
  55.  Herb Remington
  56.  Don Rich
  57.  Ralph Mooney
  58.  Dan Crary
  59.  Don Helms
  60.  Joe Carr
  61.  Bud Isaacs
  62.  Lloyd Green
  63.  Bob White
  64.  Bill Emerson
  65.  Bill Kirchen
  66.  Zane Beck
  67.  Brent Rowan
  68.  Eddie Taylor
  69.  Bobby Garrett
  70.  John Jennings
  71.  Bob Dunn
  72.  Dickey Betts
  73.  Tom Morrell
  74.  Brent Mason
  75.  Hal Rugg
  76.  John Hughey
  77.  Russ Barenberg
  78.  Jimmie Crawford
  79.  James Allen Shelton
  80.  Jaydee Maness
  81.  Rusty Young
  82.  Weldon Myrick
  83.  B. J. Cole
  84.  Johnny Sibert
  85.  Bryan Sutton
  86.  Buddy Charleton
  87. Doug Jernigan
  88. Pee Wee Wightwing
  89.  Tom Brumley
  90.  Jeff Newman
  91.  Roy Smeck
  92.  Eldon Shamblin
  93.  Sean Watkins
  94.  Ry Cooder
  95.  Harold Bradly
  96.  Eric Weissberg
  97.  Peter Rowan
  98.  Billy Bowman
  99.  Dan Crary
  100.  Eddy Shaver
  101.  Buddy Miller