Tuesday, December 6, 2011

RIP Hubert Sumlin - Very sad!

We have lost a Blues Legend!
The sound behind Howlin Wolf has passed away! Without Hubert Sumlin there wouldn't be:
Eric Clapton
Jimmy Page
Jeff Beck
Keith Richards
Michael Bloomfield
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Jimmy Vaughan and many more including you!
No words can adequately express the profound loss!
Some songs that he put the tracks on: Smokestack Lightning, Spoonful, and Killing Floor. Just those two are monumental. Then there is the rest of his catalog which is equally great and relevant. Mr. Sumlin never won a Grammy - That alone should disqualify a lot of people who have because skipping Hubert is sacrilegious.

Hubert was lovable and honest. We don't see many people like him anymore much less have someone who can tell us stories about getting knocked out by Howlin Wolf.
In memory of Hubert Sumlin 1931 to 2011.
I love the story about drinking coffee!

Lesson's from Hubert where worth their price in gold!

I always enjoyed Hubert's stories. He was one of the last connections to the past.

At this time I don't have enough time to devote to a proper tribute but when I do - I'll update my page but here is a link to the New York Times article.

RIP Hubert Sumlin! You will be missed!

Thank you Hubert for being you!

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