Monday, December 26, 2011

Ed Roman Luthier and Entrepreneur - Ed Romans Guitars Las Vegas - RIP

Ed Roman has passed away! If you have ever been looking for excellent guitars then most likely you have visited his web site or his showroom in Las Vegas. Many great guitarists have bought guitars from Ed or at least popped into his shop to see what Ed had on hand. Ed's passing was a bit premature as he was only in his early 60's.
For the guitarist, going to Las Vegas and not stopping by Ed's would be an unthinkable oversight. Ed Roman was outspoken but at the very least had the courage of his conviction to his opinion. I loved reading Ed's Rants. 
The Rants were justification alone to visit the site. Here are a couple of links to my favorite rants. The Gibson Les Paul neck fracture rant which is hard to fault and you can tell that Ed was passionate about the problem. Got to read the PRS FAQ here! Finally, the over-priced guitar rant. Agree or disagree, Ed had an opinion and he had the courage to stand up for his convictions. There are not too many guitar website that contain enough content to keep you clicking for hours, Ed Roman Guitars site is hot!

There were a lot of stars that purchased guitars from Ed. Ted Nugent had a custom guitar that housed a Derringer pistol in the back of the guitar. The Rev. Billy F. Gibbons, Keith Urban, Rick Derringer and others. Click here for a list of endorser's. Many people loved the QuickSilver guitar which is direct competition for many guitars including PRS.

I personally never bought a guitar from Ed's but I almost did so as they sell Baker guitars. The sale never came to fruition but nevertheless, I enjoy the Ed Roman site and I am sure that it will be there for all of us to use, refer, and enjoy for years to come.

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