Friday, April 13, 2012

Hot damn! Reverend Horton Heat - Gas Money and more!

That's right, I said it. Hot damn the Reverend Horton Heat will be a touring pert near my house! There are few bands out there that can be sitting in the diner at noon with all the plain folk then at 9:00 pm they are hitting the pig skins and hammerin' the cat guts with the ferocity of a group of raptors who just ate some habanero peppers and drank several growlers. The Reverend uses Gretsch guitars and Fender amplifiers.

With gasoline prices going up quicker than a North Korean missile, one might need some GAS MONEY. I've heard some of their early releases to GAS MONEY's new album. I listened to one song, "Yo Elvis," over and over. It rocks! I am certain that once again the Gretsch 6120 is (or a Tele would be my second guess) featured in a lot of Gas Money recordings. These guys always have great tone!

I am sort of partial to Gretsch 6120 guitars because they have that chrome dinette sound.

If you want a to hurt yourself looking at some fine guitar that no doubt play well - click here!

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