Monday, April 2, 2012

Angus Young

10 years and one day after Eric Clapton was born into this world, Angus Young arrived to one day be the one of the riffn'est guitarists around. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANGUS YOUNG - (born 31 March 1955)!

The first time I saw AC/DC was when Bon Scott was still alive. They rocked it hard. Angus actually helped a few people climb up on stage! As any 15 year old kid at the time, AC/DC made an incalculable impression on me and lit a fire that still burns white hot. If you cannot name 10 AC/DC songs in a moments notice then you must not be a rock and roll fan! Get with the program!

AC/DC holds the secret to success but it really isn't a secret - Keep it simple. The memorable riffs the static theme of the band, and signature tone are as fresh sounding today as the day the broke on to the music scene.

Happy Birthday Angus Young!

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