Thursday, April 5, 2012

Jim Marshall Passes - The Lord of Loud RIP

Almost iconic as Gibson guitars, Apple Computers, and Rock and roll, Marshall amplification is a huge name in the music industry. Jim Marshall founded Marshall Amps which are widely used by many guitarists and musicians alike. An integral member of a quartet of inventors during the infancy of Rock and Roll, along with such luminaries as Leo Fender , Seth Lover, and Les Paul, these men helped shape the sound music as we know it today. Musicians from Jimmy Hendrix to Zakk Wylde openly adored the Marshall amp and lord it for its distinct timbre and panache. Edward Van Halen created his secret brown sound by simply modifying Marshall amp, went on to build his own amp based on the foundation laid by Leo Fender and Jim Marshall.

Jim Marshall, born in Londan in 1923, Marshall was a drummer, drum teacher, owner of a music instrument store specializing in drums. He also carried guitars and amps. He carried Fender guitars and amps but most players found those to be extremely expensive and of unfavorable tone. Jim said that musicians described to him the tone they where looking for and Jim set about building an amp that would be cheaper than the Fender series and have the tone desired by his patrons. His first iteration was the JTM 45, the rest is history. The Guv'nor (as Jim Marshall was affectionately called) was a generous and humble man helped change rock and roll forever. Jim is gone but his amps live on! RIP Guv'nor!

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