Friday, April 13, 2012

Esperanza Spalding - Great music!

I have played in big bands and small bands. I've listened and watched soloists, combos, duets, and quartets ad nausea, yet I've rarely see or heard someone as talented and vivacious as Esperanza Spalding. Her sound is difficult to pin down because it encompasses most of the classic elements of music. Her expression is seemingly effortless but it is the effortless you witness that is the essence of her natural talent effecting a Jedi reality distortion field. Mindlessly, one can listen or listen with acute focus to detail but regardless of your mindset during this experience, your experience will be enriched and you will become enlightened. If this music bring you to a state of boredom then you might just be a sub-mental inchworm. The band is superb, (Chamber music Society) take time to listen. Her tour link is here. It's going to be fun to listen to her music evolve! Esperanza Spalding rocks!!

Esperanza Spalding site link!

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