Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ed Sheeran - What the?

What the hell? Wait a minute because I believe that this blog is called Guitar Snob!? There should only be guitars and musician's on here that are - THE BEST! Ah, yeah, no... As much as I love a pristine instrument that is built by a skilled craftsman, artisan, and with the most beautiful fine woods; that all takes a drop in priority over a interesting tale spun and sung to simple music. Whereupon, I find Ed Shreeran with his messy Q-tip hair and maybe a shave but nevertheless, his I'll be just fine, thank you, attitude. He is a very talented tune-smith who plays a guitar that looks like it was stolen from an school kid. Or maybe that is all Ed Sheeran could afford and that is nobodies business but his own. One thing is certain; you will learn about Ed's travels, see his life through his music and what you hear will be honest and probably wear out your 10,00 hour laser in you CD player or burn lines in your IC chip

We all should sit back and listen to Ed Sheeran and think about what we have to be thankful for and know that others have less and do more. To me, Ed is a simple product of his own drive to survive. I don't know his story, I haven't read his story because I don't need to read it when I can hear it in his voice and his playing. Ed's dues are paid in full. A snobby guitar will certainly look good on Ed's arm but the culmination of what he is about is more than a piece of wood.

Give him a listen, buy his tunes!

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