Friday, September 7, 2012

Music is not a competition

I've read polls, read comments and I too have an opinion. Music isn't about who is the best. It's about expressing oneself. It's an art and not a fight. No wars have been waged over whether the Mona Lisa portrait is the perfect depiction of a happiness compared to the Lilly's floating on a pond as painted by Monet.

Is Eddie Van Halen better than Segovia? I doubt Eddie would say he is but ya'll ARE entitled to your opinion. So am I... My opinion is that  the debate between one person being is better than another is a waste of time. The debate is juvenile at best. If you must judge then a uniform standard should be employed to gain some sort of equilibrium to the degree of contrast.
Some things to take into consideration:
• Influence: Who inspired more kids to beg their parents for a guitar for Christmas? Who inspired a wave of copycats?
• Chops/Versatility: Is the guitarist in question a one-trick pony or a master of many styles?
• Body of Work: Who had the more consistent career? Who has played on more classic albums?
• Creativity: Who pioneered new techniques? Who sounds the most radically different from what came before them?
Play a musical instrument to express what is in your heart. You will never fail if that is your intent.

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Anonymous said...

I agree Sir... Totally agree, I hate when people see it as a competition, who's the best guitar player, the most bla bla bla, the fastest, the youngest, the greatest.. Uh I can't stand it..... I think it's stupid *sorry*

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