Saturday, September 29, 2012

Global Festival and Global Citizen

There a few things we humans unequivocally respond to with animalistic tendencies; free anything seems to be one of the top items and considering the atrocious global fleecing we've all experienced at the hands of our the audacious 1%. We all might be a bit jaded but there is hope! There is something you can do that is very effective to make a difference in this world and to your society. Global Citizen was founded by Hugh Evan the founder and CEO of Global Citizen and Ryan Gold had an idea to hold a huge concert to raise awareness and help eliminate extreme global poverty.

Rather than pontificate and meander about how it works - I'll let Global Citizen's website tell the story.

Click here to see what Global Citizen is about!

Bands that are playing the September 29th festival will be the following:

Neil Young with Crazy horse !

The Foo Fighters !!

The Black Keys !!!

Band of Horses !!!!

K'NAAN !!!!

Those in attendance - HUGE THANKS!

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