Thursday, September 20, 2012

Led Zeppelin to release O2 arena video & audio

With a count down that had us all wondering... Each day they posted a number without explanation...

Can you name a band that has sold 300 million albums?

What is now left of the original band called Led ZeppelinJimmy Page, Robert Plant, and John Paul Jones announced that they will release a film, DVD called  "Celebration Day." Jason Bonham is featured as the drummer, the son of the group's original drummer John Bonham. This release will feature the December 2007 O2 arena concert given as a tribute to Ahmet Ertegen. The concert was to raise money for the charities that Ahmet Ertegen supported before his death a year earlier.

The band was typically elusive regarding future shows and when asked about the potential at a recent rare public appearance at the film screen of Celebration day. When asked about future appearances, Robert Plant said, "Now that would be kiss and tell wouldn't it?" Meanwhile, Jimmy Page was even more mysterious by answering the same question with a question. "Can I just ask you if you all just enjoyed the film?" It seems that this question will be answered when the box office posts a list of dates.

The film/DVD will feature two hours of entertainment along with 16 of the bands most popular songs. Public screening will begin on September 13. Initially, the film will be featured in movie theaters on the big screen on October 17.  thereafter will soon be available to purchase on various video and audio formats beginning November 19.
If you have a Led Zeppelin fan in your life - certainly this new release will a wonderful gift!

....but wait there is more! This couldn't be a Guitar Snob post without a few obligatory guitar pictures!

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