Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ukulele - swatting fly's!

That's right! Ukelele's are all the rage -  case you've been in a coma and didn't know that fact. Why should I write about them here? Because there are some damn fine players out there and they are demanding something more than a plastic fly swatter and toy strings!

In case you are wondering - I don't limit this blog to simply guitars. Music touches places beyond touching.

The Ukele'le is a fantastic little musical instrument. Those who think this instrument is limited by the number of strings is making a serious oversight. w Bountiful wonderful chord melodies songs can be played when the musician is creative and imaginative. If you don't have either of the attributes - start learning because effort is all it takes! The tones are soothing. If you think these instruments are toys then you are limited by your scope. Various companies make SUPER FINE Ukele'le's: Kamaka, Rick Turner (TURNER), Martin, Pono Ukele'le (Koo'lau), IronHorse instruments, and many more!!!

This instrument is very cool if not for just one thing - portability. You have no excuse for failure to carry this little masterpiece. The strings are not the type that abrade your skin but the large diameter might effect the beginner when pressing the string against the fret board. Time and effort will remedy the discomfort. Reworking your favorite song on a Ukele'le will help develop your ear and is very rewarding. Learning an instrument will give you a new language to speak and your can socialize more. The only downside to playing a Ukelele is that you will become super popular and all the people you know will want you to teach them how to play. Lastly, your friends will blame you for the hole in their pocket once they aquire a taste for a beautiful new Ukele'le.

Go to a quality store and try one of these little treasure out. You will not be sorry! Mahalo!

One person who magically resurrected the Ukulele was the sensational yet humble
Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'ole.
Over the Rainbow - Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'ole OFFICIAL VIDEO from Mountain Apple Company on Vimeo.

Play now! Life is good!!!

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