Saturday, November 3, 2012

RIP Eddie Bertrand surf guitar legend

Eddie Bertrand is famous for his compositions with the Bel-Airs in the early 1960's. But another generation might also know about Eddie's guitar licks from the Orange county ska/punk band Sublime who incorporated Eddie's solo into its song "Seed." Later on, Eddie play with Eddie & the Showmen. Bertrand, who died on Saturday was a surf guitar pioneer. Eddie co-founded the Bel-airs and along with the Bel-Airs wrote their famous tune Mr. Moto... Below Mr. Moto being played at a benefit for Eddie. Eddie & the Showmen biggest hit was the Bel-Airs tune, Squad Car. A song that was recorded in a grain silo, the single rips along like the musicians were being chased by Godzilla for over two minutes of ripping surf music along with Bertrands wailing riffs. Another by-product of this type of music was the involved arrangements that spanned usually less than 2 minutes yet packed a huge punch in terms of fiery, spy-"ish", yet memorable guitar riffs.

The Beach boys include Bertrands sound as one of their inspirations. Bertrand ranked high among such surf luminaries as The Ventures, Dick Dale, and Link Wray. Bertrand was the consummate surf guitar pioneer and will be sorely missed. Eddie certainly loved the inimitable tone of Fender reverb and sound of Fender Mustang's and Fender Stratocaster's. We all steal from the greats and many of us owe our dues to Eddie's artistry. Pay up by paying forward!

Sadly, cancer finally took Eddie's life. Ma-halo Eddie!

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many of eddie's personal instruments are being sold on behalf of his family. please contact soest guitar at: or 714 538 0272 to receive a list. most of the items will be on display ( and for sale) at the city of angels guitar show in pasadena, ca. on may 25th, 2013.

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