Friday, November 2, 2012

Guitar Rig run down

Nice Video that gives you some insight into the rigs of your favorite Guitarist. Contrary to popular belief there often isn't some mojo or voodoo space dust used. Basic but well made audio and musical instruments will suffice as it is the musician that makes the biggest difference.

As a musician or aspiring musician it is very important to not focus on what I call hokus pokus, i.e., where the technical gymnastic side of playing the guitar is often flashy for the eye but unsavory for the ear. I am reminded of a story that the great impresario Bill Graham told about Jimi Hendrix when Jimi played The Fillmore East. Jimi asked Bill what he thought of Jimi's first show of the night, Bill told him that he saw Jimi point his guitar, swing it, play it with his teeth, behind his back and every way but with out any emotion. Jimi was incensed  he said, "Did you hear the applause....?" Bill said yeah, but you could have pissed on your guitar and they would have applauded. Jimi went out for the second show and waltzed with his guitar, played from his heart, and as Bill Graham described.... Killed the audience.

Play from the heart, play what you feel and drop the theatrics. It's not a competition. If you can play like a great singer sings (without auto-tune) then you are learning and on your way to playing like YOU.

Gretsch guitar:

Chord Substitions - Brian Setzer!

More Brian Setzer licks

For the Xmas Season....

Jingle Bells - Rockabilly style!

Los Lonely Boys - More guitar rig info - but it's still the fingers!!

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