Sunday, November 25, 2012

Current Musical Instrument Deals - !

Want to buy a new guitar at bargain basement prices?
Time is running out!
At the time of this writing it's the Black Friday (post holiday event invented by capitalists to fill the coffers - only recognized in the United States) weekend. From what my economic indicator's indicate that there is an inclination where sales objectives are not being met (tongue inserted firmly in cheek). Those who's job is to analyze economic patterns anticipated that this season would be slower than last year and if you don't recall, there was a mild up swing last year. Last year was good while the two previous years were blood baths where most industries  saw terrible sales due to the world wide collapse of the shady banking industry. (wiping the sweat from my brow) So, ultimately what I am trying to say is that if you are holding out for better deals. There aren't any.

The time to buy that gift for Christmas is now. You might find a better deal on something that nobody wants closer to Christmas time and if you wait until after Christmas, you will find a cheap but probably unplayable instrument. Beginner electric guitars start at a minimum of $300.00, and about the same for acoustics. However  keep in mind that you need to buy an amplifier for the electric and that will increase the cost of the electric package by least $100. If you think you can repair a cheap broken new guitar yourself - that is fantastic! Beware of voiding the warranty through modification. If you take it to a Luthier, don't try to work a deal with him as a ill-conceived/poorly made instrument isn't worth the money to fix in most cases and if he takes the work, be prepared to spend more on the repairs than the instrument actually cost. The truth hurts sometimes.

I digress - If you are buying an instrument for a student and you are not certain they will stick with the instrument, you might fear that this will become another toy that is played with once. Then a viable alternative is to RENT and instrument for a few months. Most reputable instrument dealers will allow you to apply the rent towards a new instrument. Be a responsible consumer and DO NOT rent, then apply rent towards a new instrument only to determine a year later that the new musician quit and therefore you'd like to return the instrument to the dealer. If you do attempt to return the instrument then the following should be your expectations; you will unlikely receive your money back, you will be expected to be returning a unused instrument in excellent condition, if you bought a damaged instrument at a discount - you must prove that pre-existing damage with a written note. Off my soap box.

Back to the deals - Fender is currently offering a $100 rebate on SELECT guitars. Gibson's guitars are very competitive and priced to move. Takamine acoustics, Ibanez, Ovation are additional brands where you can find good deals. Some of my friends have purchased Taylor and Martin guitars from the larger retailers at a great price however I would encourage you to find a good deal at a local shop where you can keep the money in the neighborhood and support your local merchants!

So go out there and find that instrument that you've been wanting or a nice starter - Got to add that the writers favorite starter guitar is the Taylor Mini GS at approximately $499.99. This guitar will not depreciate rapidly and really plays well and you can easily install a acoustic pickup for about another $100. With Electrics, I prefer the Stratocaster (sort by price)type of guitars because they are well engineered for proper playing ergonomics. However, there is a huge selection in all price ranges.

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