Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fret Buzzing?

Just another day, nothing new, but the weather is swinging from hot to cold? Has the relative humidity changed in your region?? Ambient temperatures have a significant impact on wood and therefore most guitars are affected by weather. My strat (which I love) suddenly sounds dead. In my region of the world the weather is fairly benign but it still changes with the season. Therefore, since the weather has changed a lot lately my guitar started buzzing and sounding dead. I keep records and found that when the ambient temperature drops about 15 degrees Fahrenheit, while the relative humidity has risen 20 %, my guitar swells and the neck straightens (Tell tale sign is my guitar is out of tune and all of the strings are to the sharp side), while my action drops due to the lack of relief. My quick remedy is to loosen the truss rod. However, I have tools to measure the relief before and after. If I screw up I go back to the position I first measured and start over. Nothing too scientific, you can use automotive feeler gauges to check the gap. I induce more relief and presto - chango my guitar is back to it's non buzzing condition - Until spring when the temperature rise and the counter measure is to tighten the truss rod. BEWARE - ONLY MOVE YOUR TRUSS ROD A SMALL AMOUNT! A half rotation on the truss rod could be too much. Make a quarter turn, let the guitar stabalize for 2 hours and try again >> Adjust, wait, and try - repeat but NEVER OVER TIGHTEN THE TRUSS ROD - YOU CAN DAMAGE YOUR GUITAR! 

This is the best list of possible origins of BUZZ by Frank Ford of Gryphon stings

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