Friday, December 7, 2012

The Music Business basics

Wham, it's large and it's in your face. If you don't acknowledge the intricacies of the business it will soon smack you in the face. Think about it like this, the customer (generally the music consumer) as the pinky, the there is the band manager on the ring finger, the middle finger is the agent, the pointer is the act, and the thumb is the promoter. All of them together makes a mighty fist.
Music is a business. You must keep your wits or you will perish. For every hard living fabled rock star that has a tale of addiction and misery there are literally millions of near do well's who perish and their story is never heard.

Do what you say and say what you are going to do. Stick to it. Beware of the fist. As explained above, each finger of the fist wreak havoc.


  1. Be to your gig early
  2. Check your gear long before the gig
  3. Have back up gear
  4. Keep back up supplies, strings, sticks, tape, zip ties, bubble gum
  5. Never miss a gig
  6. Present a professional image
  7. Don't show up loaded (drunk, high, or hung over)
  8. You never have a bad day on stage - Get it? You never project your anger (Billy Jo?)
  9. Leave your personal life at home
  10. Have fun!

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