Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dave Brubeck has passed away

You have got to love Dave Brubeck! He made the song "Take five" famous which was written by Paul Desmond (Alto sax). Really don't know where I should start with Dave as he is a California native and grew up in the bay area. For me Dave was the catalyst that hipped me to odd time signatures.

Dave wrote Blue Rondo a' la Turk in 9/8 time and it's a brilliant piece of work. At 91, one damn day before his 92 birthday his number finally came up! Somehow somewhere he is laughing about that odd timing......... December 6, 1920 to December 5 2012.

Use the embedded links to read more about Dave Brubeck who was hailed as a living legend. Here's a nugget of trivial knowledge, Dave was drafted into world war II and was a member of General George Patton's third brigade! Prior to his military service, Dave thought he would help his father on their farm whereupon he attended what is now University of the Pacific to study veterinary science but transferred after the head of zoology told him to his mind is not here, it's across the lawn in the conservatory. Then he was nearly expelled when his professor learned that he could not read music. So many wonderful stories surround Dave Brubeck. He did wonders for jazz and for me in terms of learning.

Rest in peace Dr. Brubeck!

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