Thursday, December 6, 2012

Some new pedals....... Bogner! Ecstasy Red and Blue

I ran some of the following pedals through a Fender Deluxe 65 reissue and found the Bogner Red to be a very dynamic pedal that give you the heavy metal sound. The pedal is adjustments are very interactive and distinct. The variac was very interesting, yielding tone reminiscent of the famous brown sound. The Variac gave the pedal a very forgiving spongy feel as outlined in the video. The follow video is very accurate as to the tone this pedal is capable of producing. As mentioned above, I was using a very clean amp and the pedal  gave me thick tones and yet cleaned up well. If I had to sum up the tone it is very much like a Supercharged VOX AC30 class A tone. I used a Stratocaster and a Les Paul for my testing which by chance happens to be what they used in the video below. Nevertheless, these guitars are the standard baseline guitars I use for rock regardless of what type of equipment I am using. The Bogner pedals will leave a significant dent in your wallet but they are productive. Try out the Ecstasy Red and see if it is for you!

The Bogner Ecstasy Blue is similar to the red but has a bit less modern tone. True, this is subjective to the listener. To me this pedal yielded a tone similar to class A/B. Afterall, that is they have Plexi modes and such so they are going after what most will associate with the late 60's and early 70"s classic rock overdrive. The Ecstasy Blue is the same price as the Ecstasy Red  but if you think about it this way, as least you don't need to go out and buy a Plexi and a AC30 for arsenal - buy a clean sounding amp and these two pedals and save yourself truckloads of money! Check out the video's and or go to your local dealer and test these for yourself. One of these or both of these models might be the pedals you've been looking for in your quest for the ultimate tone.

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