Thursday, March 4, 2010

John Mayer - Takes a twit to twitter..........

John Mayer is ?

What made you fix your lips to say that crap in Playboy? John Mayer is the Mayor of "Me" town it seems his world spins on his own axis. Gosh John, are you that misguided enough to believe that a little money and talent actually equates to some semblance of class? Your silly little comments that you spoke too easily make me ashamed to have anything in common with you. As a man and fellow guitarist seriously... Hood-pass? No John, that is revoked and the pass was simply because you currently have some jingo but once that is gone the way of the dinosaur - Ya'll better watch your back. Were you suddenly surprised by a fleeting bunny? Also thanks for the incite concerning how, where and why you hold your "axis" when viewing certain pictures... Not to mention how to treat a lady.

To be fair as I can possibly be - What would I do under similar circumstances? Talk about what made me famous. My music and the fact that I 'was' lucky enough to play on stage with Eric Clapton.

Unfortunately your propensity for megalomania took over! Spent a little too much time in that woodshed and playing your instrument alone? Do yourself a favor and the public as well by keeping your comments to yourself. Remember that there are plenty of talented people ready to knock you off and take over.

It's been a little more than obvious that you are really a media XXXXX. Get over it and cork it. Shut up and play your guitar..............

Lastly, maybe I am the biggest fool for commenting? After all, I guess I am reacting to what seems like behavior of a spoiled attention seeking child. Sad.

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