Thursday, March 18, 2010

Slash Appetite for Destruction Guitar

Slash Appetite for Destruction Guitar - Nice
This guitar is now being offered by MusiciansFriend. From what I can glean from the ad the guitar is covered with a natural finish similar to the "faded" Les Paul's from the past. Other sites have mentioned that the finish is thin Nitro.

Both are correct as I believe that the thin skins were Nitro based units as well. The guitar has Tonepro aged hardware, Seymour Duncan Alnico II pickups and special capacitors selected by Slash. Looks impressive to me. The top feature AAA figured maple. Pictures show a nice patina. The guitar reminds me of the green Joe Perry Les Paul's. I heard complaints about the Joe Perry model regarding a soft finish. Since I haven't touched this guitar I cannot comment at this time.

This guitar is a limited production instrument. Will this be a player or collector?
AAA carved, figured maple top.
Solid mahogany back with traditional weight relief
Gently aged "Appetite" finish with a natural top and faded cherry back
Slash signature smoking skull with top hat artwork on headstock
Set mahogany neck with rounded '60s profile
Seymour Duncan Slash Signature Alnico II pickups
Special capacitors selected by Slash for vintage tone
Aged chrome TonePros hardware
Single-ply cream top and fretboard binding
Acrylic trapezoid inlays
Includes hardshell case

The price will make you do a double take before picking up a 58 VOS Gibson Les Paul. With the VOS going for about $3700, the Slash model may be a hit. The fact that it is a "Slash" endorsed guitar may also limit its sales appeal. An unmarked guitar is easier to purchase or sell than an endorsement deal. Lastly, a quick check of pricing on Ebay shows that the Slash guitars hold their value but haven't really increased in pricing. I digress, I played the Warren Haynes Les Paul many times both with the extra switch and without - The neck was really nice and it just played like an old Les Paul.

The Warren Haynes guitar is featured below Shown is the CAE preamp switch that I love but hate! Love the Warren Guitar but hate the price tag!

Meanwhile, the Slash model comes with a 60's period neck and that might decrease appeal for those who love those beefy necks. Collectors looking for a guitar that is going to increase in value then maybe you should look elsewhere. The Appetite for Destruction guitar is nice but not investment level. Unfortunately, this I believe to be true with Custom Shop Fender guitars as well. The market is a little crazy now so if you are looking into a good players guitar you might want to stick to base models. I feel that base models are holding their value better than the VOS and Custom shop models. Though, no doubt those fancy models do have a tremendous amount of Je ne sais quoi and craftsmanship. Sorry about zig zagging all over the place on this article. Too much coffee! :) Now, somewhere down the road I'll be kicking myself if I don't pick up one of these guitars, especially if the value skyrockets! (waffle/Disclaimer)

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