Friday, September 3, 2010

Unknown Hinson King of Country Western Troubadours!

This man is the reel deel. He don't takes no mess, and he don't play no rawk music..
Well, except when he's playing rawk music...
"I never drink anything you can see
through...meaning anything clear - like gin, vodka...Everclear. Anything golden is fine!"

Hinson learnt guitar from his mother who showed him one chord, "an C-chord she told me ifn I wansta learnt it, then I will! an I Learnt it!"

He don't take no drugs an don't do no hallucinogenizen neither!

Thaank bout it.............

And more of Hinson's classics........ heez a filofficer two

Seriously, Hinson is the real deal and an excellent guitarist. If you listen close you can hear some hot licks! He has his own signature model Reverend guitar. He also plays Telecasters and seems to favor Vox amps. The guy has excellent tone, tasty guitar licks and shtick. No doubt he does make his share of misogynistic remarks, likes to take a drank, and he loves them Cadillacs but that is his shtick. Check him out. Oh yeah, he is also one of the Squidbillies and worked as a side man for the Boxmasters.

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