Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Guitar Buzz Diagnosis

Buzzing is generally characterized as unwanted noise generated while playing the instrument. The cause of this unwanted noise is usually an anomaly that can be fixed. Some buzzing can be a symptoms of more serious problems.

The following is a list of buzz causes:

  1. Low action
  2. High action
  3. Relief
  4. Light gauge strings
  5. Low nut
  6. Nut groove too tight or loose
  7. Back buzz
  8. Low saddle
  9. Flat saddle
  10. Deeply notched saddle
  11. Uneven frets
  12. Low frets
  13. Flat frets
  14. String interference
  15. Stray string ends
  16. Damaged strings
  17. Loose parts
  18. Broken parts
  19. Technique - Sorry, but this is true. If are playing an acoustic and you employ the same amount of force as what might be used on an electric guitar - you might need to reassess the amount of force applied. In addition, a heavy pick could cause increased force and therefore create a buzz condition.

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