Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Improve your Guitar playing Immediately!

Improve your Guitar playing Immediately!

Have you ever found yourself playing the guitar and suddenly determine that the sounds coming from your guitar sounds like moose farts? Poor note sustain? String buzzing with fluttering instead of tones?Then I have the cure for you! Put down the Cheeto's and wash your hands. Grimy fingers will bugger up your fret board and load the strings with Cheeto's, oils, and nasty skin follicles. That's right nastiness!

It is amazing what a little soap will do for your playing. Use the soap on your fingers - Not your guitar and change your strings often. Having 20 year old vintage strings on your guitar is nothing to brag about unless you are a collector and not a player. If you play often, change strings often. It's not cheap so you should buy in bulk. Determine a brand and gauge that works for you and then buy as many as you can afford in order to save more money! I hate to steer you away from your local music store but if you cannot get a great deal from your local dealer then try JustStrings.com or musiciansfriend.com

Now get the hell on! :)

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