Thursday, February 28, 2013

Automatic Guitar Tuners

Goltar has created an automated tuner for your guitar. A lot of time and thought was put into this process and the work really does need to be completed but I think something further offspring will come from this design. This particular design by Goltar is still alluding me as to it's capability.
We've seen this animal before with the Tunermatic which was patented by ActionTuners and that tool is useful to those who string many guitars sequentially, with the Tunermantic they could accomplish two tasks at once. Gibson also has an auto tune function called the T-min-Etune.
Technologically speaking, the min-Etune is very compact and unobtrusive. It's handy because the guitar will always be in tune. Gibson worked hard to make this application streamlined and functional. It's a tremendous amount of work and they should be applauded for taking this risk. Will this propel the guitar in a new direction? Well, Eddie Van Halen propelled the guitar in a new direction without any mechanical or electrical gimmick. The music world is straight forward crazy so only time will tell if the automated tuner assist technology is robust!
One thing is certain; in terms of technology, the last five years as seen a tremendous amount of R&D time and money invested in making the guitar a better instrument.

Still the question begs to be asked; is this tool useful, functional, unobtrusive, and advanced? Does the design seem inevitable? If the world answers YES! There you have it.

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simon sp said...

It's kind of a double edged sword. Learning to tune your instrument by ear is a great way to start really 'hearing' the notes. On the other hand, when you are starting out there is nothing more dispiriting than having a mis-tuned instrument - everything sounds shit, even the things you are doing right! On balance I think that being able to reach any tuning quickly and painlessly is a great advantage. It has started me off into using new tunings that I would not have dared try before.

The guys that designed that system pictured on the Rickenbacker - bad acid or what!

BTW. Great blog, found it by chance while researching VHT amps. It is a really interesting fund of knowledge. Thank you.

Scott said...

Agreed, I had a "pitch pipe" when starting out. Then I bought Boss TU 12 and the darn thing is too good as I have had it over 30 years. The Boss tuner has been retired but it still works. We all need a stable foundation and baseline tone to build upon. Thanks for the comments!

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