Thursday, November 17, 2011

Edward Van Halen

The first time I heard Edward Van Halen left me amazed. Since the moment of Van Halen's inception, I have continued to be amazed. It's a rather simple formula that Eddie has and really no mystery. What ever Eddie does, his relationship with his guitar is symbiotic. Eddie single handed, changed rock guitar as we know it. There are few who fall into this category and naming them only fosters debate. Eddie's guitar is in the Smithsonian museum not because of the guitar itself but because of the person playing it.

You need to try one of Eddie's guitars. It's a rockers dream!

Apologies in advance regarding the commercials - Those days of simple YouTube videos were numbered the minute Google the mega media giant became involved. I too have to drink the 'Kool ade." Sorry!

Here is a great review from Paul at Guitar world.

I think the most important thing to steal from Eddie as a player is to lose the fear of experimentation and innovation. Learning Eddie's licks note for note will not teach you how to be unique, it will teach you how to play his songs. Most do not realize that Eddie's favorite guitarist whilst growing up was Eric Clapton! I love Eric Clapton but I don't hear Eric in Eddie's playing - I hear Eddie! So, learn all you can then become original, be yourself!

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