Monday, November 28, 2011

Guthrie Govan and the Aristocrats along with another guy...

Diversity is key. If you were ever so lucky as to spend a second of your life speaking with any name player you would learn that the attitude of a winner is one of diversity and broad dynamics. Name your favorite player: Dimebag Darrel Abbott, Eddie Van Halen, Steve Morse, Julian Bream, Martin Taylor, Jimmy Bruno, Jimi Hendrix, Guthrie Govan, Joe Robinson, Andy Mckee, and others. Only those so self absorbed would fail to list a dynamic palate of listening experience that fuels their own music.
Guthrie Govan is an established player in his own right. A fantastic player whose repertoire is not limited to shredding the guitar up like a metal maniac. Guthrie Govan website.

This guy, I believe he's from New York? Sort of shows up every now and then - Epitomizes diversity and dynamics! Who is this guy??

I'll keep it short regarding my spastic meandering prose. Safe to say, there is a lot of great musicians listed above. Listen to what you play and play that what you have heard.

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