Monday, November 28, 2011

Darrel Higham is a great player!

Darrel has amassed quite a number of gigs under his belt. In addition, he co-authored a book about Eddy Cochran. But, it's not easy being Darrel Higham, as his wife is a stunner. For Darrel's wife is very easy on the eye's and from all accounts, is a genuine good person.
Darrel Higham's beautiful and talented wife, Imelda May! And Darrel; she's your's, relax buddy and try to smile more! Can't wait to see them back in the USA soon!

Playing a nice Gretsch 6120

Darrel tells us why he loves Gretsch guitars

Darrel shows us some hybrid picking techniques

Eddie Cochran tribute guitar link and mondo expensive link here

How Darrel uses the Bigby

also check out the Gas Money band!

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