Tuesday, November 29, 2011

TC Electronic Tone print App - Beam it

One of the coolest advancements in technology is now available for you, your guitar and your TC electronics effects. The TC Electronic Tone Print APP allows you to beam new settings to your pedal. It's better that they explain how it works in this video. Be prepared to be impressed!

I doubt I'd play with this on stage but it would certainly put a damper on my practice schedule as I'd be noodling with all the presets.
You will need a smart phone and currently TC only has an APP for iphones. But the Android firmware will be available soon. In addition to the phone, you will need to download the firmware here
This new feature is in addition to the tone-pint feature that comes stock with the tone-print pedal. Tone print allows you to download actual "prints" that other people have made and some of these prints are made by extremely popular musicians. Therefore, in addition to selling extremely versatile and dynamic pedals in their own right, the pedals allow you to collaborate with fellow musicians by creating a library for down and up loading tone-prints in the TONE-PRINT section at the TC site.
TC Electronic has a lot to offer. Click here to view their website!

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