Wednesday, September 23, 2009

D'angelico - Vestax NYL-2

I've played a lot of guitars and the D'angelico NYL-2 by Vestax (Japan) is truly a remarkable instrument. First, it's a great value. The instrument has a AAA Spruce top with an Ebony fret board. The neck size is similar to a 60"s Les Paul and C shaped. Un-Amplified it's tone is round and has a nice dark tone (guitar was tested with Ti-flat wounds). The top is pressed into shape rather than carved. the NYL-1 is indeed a carved. The non carved top in my opinion probably leads to a more uniform top but a less responsive top. However, I have have only qualitative data and thus this is my own opine.

Using a solid state amp the guitar has excellent character and great playability for plectrum or finger style players. I found the tone to be a little darker than a Gibson ES 175 and this is probably due to the surface mounted pickup as apposed to the built in pickups on the ES 175.

Finally, if you are in the market and see one of these on Ebay (no longer produced by Vestax) I would suggest giving the guitar some serious thought in regard to purchase. the workmanship both inside and out is top notch. Pitting the instrument against Eastman's used to be silly as Eastman initially has some quality issues. However, Circa 2004 - The D'angelico is a hands down favorite. Truly a fine instrument. My only critique might be the somewhat gaudy headstock - But it's modeled after the famous D'Anglico luthier guitars and that's just fine! Try one out or buy one for yourself!!


Anonymous said...

I have a Vestax NYL-2 without a label in it. I hada friend with one with a label and they were an exact match. Does anyone know anything about the D'Angelicos without labels?

Anonymous said...

My Vestax NYL-2 has the pickup mounted off the neck.

Pieter Castelein said...


Is there a difference between a vestax d'angelico from 1999-2001 and 2005?

Thanks Pieter

Scott said...

The manufacturer is different. The older D'Angelico has a few obvious differences apparent upon playing the guitar: a non-pivoting tail piece solid tail piece, and a label in the inside stating D'Angelico Vestax - made in Japan. I believe Vestax still makes a limited number of D'Angelico guitars for the Japanese market. The older Vestax's are made in Japan according to the label while the Excel models labels inside the guitar list Korea as the country of origin. Rather than arguing about quality between countries, I always suggest trying out the instrument if possible. Make certain you know the warranty and return policy before making an online purchase. The quality of my Vestax D'Angelico is very good and the Aria D'Aquisto's deserves favorable mention. Eastman is another alternative worthy of consideration as their product has really improved over the years. Cheers!

Dear leader said...

Hi, I have what I believe is the same guitar as this. It says dangelico New Yorker on it, and is a sort of teal green color. I am trying to figure out exact year and model, but can't fine the serial number anywhere on it. Where should I look for this?


Scott said...

To Dear Leader, the serial number for the Vestax D'Angelico replica's is located on a decal that is placed inside the guitar body and visible through the bass side "F" hole. This is true with many jazz boxes but not all.

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