Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dean - Michael Schenker Flying V - Awesome!

Many people have nice guitars and sometimes I am lucky enough to get to check the wonderful units out myself in person or vicariously through photos. Either way, I love it. But I'd rather be able to hold and play these babies! In this case, I've held her and she's a player yes indeed. The following guitar belongs to a one of Michael Schenker's primary Disciple's of Fanaticism. What am I talking about?

The following is a brief description of a DEAN Michael Schenker artist model. This guitar is very well appointed. The body is outlined with a 7 layer binding with pearl block inlays. This model is number 2 of 100 and personally signed by the Mad Axeman himself - Michael Schenker! The pickups rip up a over driven amp to shreds and yet the tone controls subtly taper down if you need to play some clean lines. This very guitar was shown in Anaheim a NAMM where Mr. Schenker ran it through series of signature riffs and songs. Bottom line - This guitar rocks! DEAN GUITARS did a fantastic job and their customer service is top notch.

The following guitar is owned by Sir James Farinsky:

Now DEAN was not finished. Seems Rudolf was quite anamoured with the DEAN products as well. This partnership gave birth to a Brother's series as well as various other Schenker specials - Check them all out for yourself. If you've never heard the Band UFO, MSG, Scorpions then you are missing out on the bands that paved the way for bands like Metallica, Slayer, Dokken - Buy these tunes and learn where it started. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DEAN GUITARS

Now, as the great FRANK ZAPPA said - Shut up and play ur guitar!!!

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