Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Vintage Fender 65 Mustang

The Fender 65 Mustang is a really fun guitar. It's options include: ability to play single pickup either neck or bridge, serial or parallel with a choice of in phase or out. Granted, I wouldn't really be slamming though the settings during an event but it's nice to have the options. The neck has a very narrow profile that made normal necks feel huge so I must say that this neck is indeed small. This guitar has tone that is somewhere between a Stratocaster and Telecaster. It's hard to pin down but a great value and wonderful player. This particular model is owned by David Chan. The neck has an awesome patina and the body is checked but still a beauty! Everyone should own one of these unless you are a metal head - In that case you would not be well served with a Fender Mustang unless you are cutting new ground and some modo freak shredder! :)

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