Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Which Strat is the fake?

The guitar on the right is a Fender 50th anniversary S-1 model, the middle is a Fender Custom Shop '56, and on the left is a Sonic Blue bitser I built up. The Bitser has Texas special pickups while I replaced the '56 pickups with Seymour Duncan pickups. Each guitar has it's own personality and for this reason many people own several guitars... If they don't, they will....


James said...

Can you post a better picture? How do those compare with say...a Carvin Bolt?

Scott said...

I posted a picture that is hopefully a little clearer.

As for the Carvin Bolt. I like the Bolt with graphite reinforced necks. The neck shape that I've played was "C" shaped. Over all it's a decent value guitar. My only complaint is the concerning the stock pickups. For a blues style with Fender/Marshall/Vox classic type of sound - I found the pickups to bring out the highs more than the lows thus leaving me starving for some bass tones. Pickup swap would be prudent if your taste is similar to mine. I guess one other thing is that Carvin is Carvin and not Gibson or Fender. That being said, the retail value is not going to be the same as the aforementioned brand names. However, at the price point, most people are not buying this instrument with illusions that one day it will command the ludicrous prices say a 1959 Gibson Les Paul might fetch. Now, if I could only get my brain around all of the Carvin options !!!!

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