Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Paint your Guitar with Period Correct Colors

Whether you know it or not, Leo Fender used the same paint that was used in the Automobile industry during the 50'. These days, a lot of people prefer the thin nitro paint over the thick glass like coating now being used. As a repair guy I prefer nitro because it is easier to repair. A chip in a Poly finish is usually deeper than that of nitro. The Poly does protect the wood from most of the impact but repair is usually not worth the time as the best that we can do with current resources is fill the crack or dent.

Nitro doesn't wear as well, can be sticky during summer and high humidity but it seems like the wood resonates better with nitro. Once again, this is only my opinion and if ya'll got data to prove otherwise then I'd love to see it. I can always change my opinion but as far as dents go - I doubt that will change unless DuPont creates some wild new Poly coat.

At any rate: If you need some vintage colors then I suggest taking advantage of some surfing that I've done and CLICK here and enter your favorite CAR color for which you'd like to apply to your Guitar!!

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