Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Essential Tools For Performance

Prevent Bad Gigs
Being Prepared !

Frustration can be avoided if you carry several tools to gigs with you. I would also recommend wrapping the tools in a bright colored tape so they are easy to locate during dimly lit situations.

This is my list (average cost):
  1. Tool box - small unit about the size of an average lunch box. Cost ($10 to $30 dollars)
  2. Multimeter ($20 to the sky for a nice Fluke meter)
  3. Spare fuses, batteries and pre Amp tubes (average about $50 total)
  4. Multi tip screw driver or a set of jewelers screw drivers ($15.00)
  5. Needle nose pliers ($10)
  6. Wire cutters [one might find dual purpose needle nose] ($10)
  7. Flashlight (torch) ($15)
  8. GFCI surge protector ($50
  9. Ground fault receptacle and outlet tester ($5)
  10. Spare guitar lead/cord/cable ($50)
  11. Spare power cord ($15)
  12. Duct tape/gaffer tape [bright colored] ($5)
  13. Extra strings ($10)
  14. String winder ($15)
  15. Micro towel ($2)
  16. Electrical tape ($2)
  17. Emory board ($2)
  18. Detoxit D5 electronic cleaner ($10) works great on switches and pots!
Peace of mind isn't cheap with this total kit being close to $300 dollars (USA). However, if you have to run around borrowing stuff or cannot play the gig then the cost is immeasurable and your reputation will be tarnished (and you don't get the fringe benefits).

Check your power source with a ground fault outlet tester and prevent damage to your equipment or premature DEATH! Use power conditioners and GFCI surge protectors! I've had my Mesa Lonestar Special blow pre-amp tubes, my Marshall 2203 lost a fuse, broken strings and had guitar leads die so be professional, prepared and stay alive to play again!

Ground Fault Receptacle & Outlet Tester

Anvil Tool case is sturdy and has plenty of room (I bought this years ago!)

Ha Ha! Beautiful woman is always a welcome addition!

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