Thursday, April 21, 2011

Horrifying Video of Tsunami in Sanriku Japan

Unfortunately, this is the second Tsunami I've posted on this blog. The first Tsunami I blogged was the Samoan Tsunami.

This isn't about fun things. This is about reality... The video is horrifying! A city is erased by mother nature. The point is that we should all be grateful and enjoy when life is easy and well. Most of our problems are pale in comparison to toil that many face today.

We’ve seen a lot of footage of the tragic Japan tsunami, but this clip is the most horrifying yet. Entitled “South Sanriku — Tsunami seen from Shizugawa High School,” it’s shot from high ground, but toward the end of the video you can see panicked residents running for their lives.

Almost as dramatic as the video is its audio track, where even if you don’t speak Japanese, you can tell the people are expressing concern at the beginning, but by the end, their voices have reached a high level of panic and horror as they watch their homes washing away.

Shortly after the tsunami, one survivor called the oncoming deluge “a gigantic pile of garbage coming down the street.” That’s an apt description, as you can see an entire town reduced to a huge pile of watery debris in a matter of minutes. Shocking.

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