Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Marshall Amps - Slash's AFD 100 and Yngwie Malmsteen's YJM 100

Chasing Tone?
A few nice videos from the Andertons. These amplifiers are designed for performance rather than practice. Neither of these two amps are built for your dorm or apartment! The numeric 100 value should be a drop dead clue to the actual power being used.

I love a lot of different amps for the tones they deliver but one thing is certain with these beasts - You better have deaf neighbors or live in a remote location or risk visits from your local police. Better yet, rent a jam space. I'd certainly recommend ear plugs because not driving these amps at top power is counter productive and yields an anemic tone. Besides, why buy 100 watts and attenuate the signal. Enjoy these informative videos.

Link to Marshall's AFD 100 page - This amplifier is available at this time 4/2011 in the USA due to safety certification requirements. Engineers at Marshall are diligently working on a American version that will not suffer compromised tone (God forbid!).


dismalswamp said...

Both have built in attenuation numb nuts

Scott said...

Dismalswamp, Where did I write that the amps lacked the attenuation feature? I wrote "attenuate the signal" implying that ability exists. My feelings were hurt by your infantile remark. :(

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